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Kitchen Cabinets of the Highest Quality in Puerto Rico

Custom-made, fine kitchen cabinets with the highest quality. Made with the best hard woods such as mahogany and cedar. Personalized design and lifetime warranty.

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Kitchens of The Best Quality

Our designs combine craftsmanship, tradition and modern influences in a high quality and functional kitchen with a general air of elegance, sophistication and class. We never compromise quality. We do not skimp on offering the best to our distinguished clients. We look for places with the best available materials and work with first class craftsmen with a deep craft tradition for generations. Our kitchen cabinets are a work of functional art.

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The Only Ones Manufacturing Hand-Made Mahogany and Cedar Cabinets

We work with the best hard tropical woods: mahogany, cedar and conacaste, among others. The entire structure of the cabinets is 1" thick. This prevents kinks and cracks to guarantee durability. We also incorporate stainless steel, bronze, stained glass, fiberglass and marble. Our kitchen cabinets have an exquisite hand finish with water-based dyes that the wood absorbs naturally and never loses color. The durable finish resistant to wear and use, plus the care provided by each craftsman and the designer, ensure that your cabinets can be considered an investment of great value and beauty.

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Lifetime Warranty

Our kitchen cabinets are backed by the best warranty in the market. We offer lifetime warranty against moths, termites and fungi. Our cabinets are structurally guaranteed within the parameters of proper maintenance. The internal and external structure is designed to withstand the weight of the appliances, countertops and utensils in the shelves and drawers. The thickness of the solid wood we use in combination with the design prevents them from bending, jamming or falling apart. With proper care, the exterior will remain as new over the years. The result is a high quality, durable kitchen at an affordable price that adds value to your property.

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Complete Kitchen Installation

We work with you from the beginning to provide the kitchen of your dreams. We exchange ideas and offer you a personalized and tailored kitchen design considering your space, needs and preferences. When we give you an estimate for your kitchen, we consider not only the cabinets, but the complete design. You do not have to worry about paying more for electrical and plumbing installations, among others. They will be included in the project. Combined with a good price and attention to detail, we strive to offer the customer a pleasant and rewarding experience.

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Our Kitchen Designer

Diana Font has a long career as a designer of fine furniture, exclusive decorative pieces and kitchens of the highest quality. Together with her team of expert finishers and carvers, she delivers her pieces with world-class art. Each of your kitchen cabinets becomes a unique piece.

Diana has been nominated for the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum Design Award. Her projects include the Ritz Carlton, Vanderbilt, Hilton and El Convento hotels, the San Ignacio church, La Fortaleza, restaurants, and residences, including government mansions.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hardwoods are more closely grained making them typically harder. They will not get bloated or collapse like pressed-wood or other cheap alternatives. They are resistant to time warping unlike PVC, plastic or other materials. Hardwoods are long-lasting and are guaranteed for life against termites. Your kitchen will be solidly built for wear and tear.
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